Wooden clock face with all wood parts


Dining table in solid oak

David Bowerman
62 Ulwell Village,
BH19 3DG

01929 439 821


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Prices from £395 for the tall one and £80 for the table lamp. Shades are personal choice.

David Bowerman is a highly regarded furniture maker who originally studied at Parnham College under John Makepeace and graduated in 1981.

Since that time he has completed numerous commissions for prestigious private, commercial, and royal collections internationally. He designs and makes all kinds of furniture, clocks and a variety of other artifacts.

David is perhaps best known for his incredible wooden clocks and in particular the unique Juggler clock. Most of the moving parts of these clocks are crafted in wood and they are based on the escapement mechanism of the original John Harrison's clocks.


The Mermaid automata

The Juggler

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